First-Ever Middle Eastern Bitcoin Fund Launches in Dubai

Share this article The Bitcoin Fund has been listed on the Nasdaq Dubai by 3iQ Corp, Canada’s largest digital asset investment fund manager. The fund is the first of its kind in... Read more »

The Dogecoin Bubble May Have Finally Popped

Key Takeaways Dogecoin started the year at $0.004, and the price grew to $0.74, an astounding return of 18500%. The prevailing market conditions are incredibly risky for holders of meme projects like... Read more »

China’s Central Bank Calls for Crypto Trading Ban

Key Takeaways China’s central bank has issued guidelines for a harder crackdown on crypto. Bitcoin and crypto prices crashed this morning after the news broke-out, with experts warning this crackdown is more... Read more »

Hedge Funds Expect 7% Crypto Allocation by 2026: Report 

Share this article A recent survey conducted by fund administrator Intertrust found that hedge funds expect to hold 7.2% of their assets in cryptocurrencies by 2026.  Hedge Funds Plan Crypto Allocation  Global... Read more »

Cream Finance Logs $1.3M Bad Debt After SWAG Crash

Key Takeaways Cream Finance has written $1.3 million in bad debt due to a crash in the price of SWAG tokens. The tokens were used as collateral in one of Cream Finance’s... Read more »

Iron Finance Denies Rug Pull After Token Collapse

Key Takeaways Iron Finance’s TITAN, which backs the algorithmic stablecoin IRON, collapsed after a massive selloff last night. The price crash likely occurred because of IRON’s pegging mechanism depending on arbitrage. The... Read more »

World Bank Denies El Salvador Help With Bitcoin Plans

Key Takeaways The World Bank has denied El Salvador’s request for technical assistance in adopting Bitcoin due to environmental and transparency concerns.. President Nayib Bukele asked the World Bank for help in... Read more »

Yearn Finance, Alchemix, Curve Finance in DeFi Clash

Key Takeaways Three of DeFi’s leading projects are in dispute after Curve Finance proposed removing CRV rewards from Alchemix’s pool in the protocol. The proposal argues that Alchemix already generates yield from... Read more »

Bitcoin, Stock Markets Await Fed’s Policy Meeting

Key Takeaways The U.S. Federal Reserve will publish its economic forecast today, addressing the bond-purchase program and interest rates. The market expects the central bank to maintain its liberal stance to support... Read more »

Taproot Explained: Bringing DeFi to Bitcoin

Key Takeaways Taproot is the Bitcoin network’s first update in four years. It comes after the Segwit update divided the community and led to the separation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Taproot... Read more »