Cardano’s price has declined rapidly since the Alonzo upgrade

Ordinarily, when a crypto network sees an upgrade, its price tends to have a positive reaction, like it was seen during the launch of Ethereum’s EIP-1559 when the value of the asset... Read more »

Stablecoins: How safe and stable are they?

The first thing most people do when entering crypto using a DEX is to exchange their fiat currency for stablecoins, which can later be exchanged for other tokens. However, besides being the... Read more »

Op-ed: How Algorand is gearing up to become a contender to Ethereum

The following is a guest post from Sebastian Quinn, the co-founder of Yieldly. While some have come close, none have quite managed to overthrow the incumbent — neither in user adoption nor... Read more »

El Salvador is building a $1 billion Bitcoin City as pressure on Bukele ramps up

Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, announced that the country will be building a carbon-neutral Bitcoin City. The city will have no property, income, or capital gains taxes, and the massive... Read more »

Cardano sinks following eToro delisting, are the cracks starting to show?

Cardano (ADA) sunk to $1.58 on Wednesday, marking a 15 week low. This coincided with news that social trading exchange eToro intends to delist both ADA and TRX, for U.S users, in... Read more »

Bank of England chief expresses concern over El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment

Speaking at the Cambridge University students union on Thursday, Bank of England Chief Andrew Bailey expressed worry for the citizens of El Salvador following the country’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender.... Read more »

Data indexing solution SubQuery Network will be launching on Acala

SubQuery, a data indexing solution based on Polkadot, announced that it will launch on the Acala parachain. Both the SubQuery Network and SQT will aim to be the first external application and... Read more »

Morgan Stanley just bought the Bitcoin (BTC) dip through Grayscale shares

Institutional investors’ interest in Bitcoin has refused to wane despite the continued price volatility of the flagship digital asset which has seen the asset rise to over $68,000 then drop to around... Read more »

Kazakhstan could turn to nuclear power to keep its Bitcoin mining industry running

As per Nikkei Asia, Kazakhstan’s president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has suggested building a nuclear plant to sustain Bitcoin mining in a bid to support the profitable crypto mining activities in the nation  “Looking... Read more »

CZ fires back at Musk over “shady” Dogecoin wallet issue

Tesla boss Elon Musk was at the receiving end of a witty comeback at the hands of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) on Tuesday. In a tweet, Musk saw fit to call... Read more »