Kyrgyzstan Shuts Down Cryptocurrency Farm With 2,500 Mining Rigs

Authorities in Kyrgyzstan have uncovered and shut down a large crypto mining farm in the north of the country. Law enforcement officials claim the illegal coin minting facility has inflicted “colossal damage”... Read more »

Chainlink, AAVE May Dip Again Before Uptrends Resume

Key Takeaways Chainlink has seen its price drop by more than 28% since Nov. 10. AAVE has also dipped by over 24% within the same period. These cryptocurrencies could dive further before... Read more »

Bitso and Circle work on crypto payments between Mexico and US

Bitso, a major Latin American cryptocurrency exchange, is collaborating with the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin operator Circle to launch a new cross-border payment tool between Mexico and the United States. The company... Read more »

New zkSync sidechain brings privacy and decentralization at a few cents to Ethereum users

The Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution zkSync 2.0 was developed by combining the EVM-compatible zkRollup and zkPorter, an off-chain data availability system, dubbed as “the engine for mass crypto adoption.” Because the two... Read more »

Russia’s Prosecutor General Wants Cryptocurrency Recognized as Property Under Criminal Law

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia has proposed to define cryptocurrency as property in the country’s Criminal Code. Decentralized digital money has already been qualified as such in the provisions of several... Read more »

Was the first reply to the Bitcoin White Paper Satoshi himself? In-depth theory

Ever since Satoshi Natamoto, the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin, disappeared in 2011 there has been no shortage of theories about his identity. Hal Finney, Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo and Craig Wright... Read more »

China Targets Crypto Mining at State-Owned Enterprises, Threatens Punitive Measures

Authorities in China are continuing to crack down on activities linked to cryptocurrencies which they consider illegal. The country’s top economic planning body has clearly indicated it intends to go after large-scale... Read more »

VanEck’s Bitcoin Strategy ETF sees a slow start after issue

After weeks of waiting, VanEck’s Bitcoin Strategy ETF (XBTF) finally began trading on the Chicago Board of Exchange and on its first day had a trading volume of $4.6 million paling significantly... Read more »

Small-cap altcoins stage a recovery as Bitcoin traders aim to recapture $60K

The fortitude of Bitcoin (BTC) holders continues to be tested on Nov. 17 as a number of attempts to push the price to $59,000 and below grow. This level has been well... Read more »

Metaverse Gaming Tokens Defy Recent Market Dip

Share this article The Metaverse-themed gaming projects Decentraland and The Sandbox have bucked the crypto market trend, putting in double-digit gains while other assets post substantial losses.  Metaverse Tokens Hold Strong Metaverse... Read more »